O.P.S.M. was founded to inherit the important engineering heritages. We will introduce you the history of water control, irrigation and reclamation which has been deeply concerned to our daily lives from the ancient times.

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Pamphlets "The history of ancient Buddhism in the Kawachi area and the Yamato area" [Sold Out]
Pamphlets "The Rules of traditional Wedding and Celebration"
Pamphlets "Guidebook for the Exhibition of Osaka Prefectural Sayamaike Museum" 5th Edition
Pamphlets "The Rules in Battlefield"
Outline of Osaka Prefectural Sayamaike Museum "Invitation to Sayamaike Museum"
Pamphlets "The Drawing plan of Sayamaike in Edo period"
Pamphlets "The Rules of Japanese style Bow"
Pamphlets "The change of a Water control system in Edo period of Sayamaike"
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Culture and Social Circumstances in The Middle Ages along The Downstream Area of Sayamaike"
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Ancient Sayamaike and Civil Engineering Works"
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; The Landscape of the Villages located along Ancient Nishiyoke River"
Special Exhibition; The High Technology of Repair work in Keicho period
Special Exhibition; Majestic Flow of Modernization - Lake Biwa, Yodo River, and Sayamaike Pond-

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