O.S.C.M introduces the history of live people in Sayama area.

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Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Tradition Faith of the Buddhism about Gyoki (the monk of Ancient Japan) "
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Construction of the Sayamaike Pond in the ancient times. And about the Sueki production by the kiln around the Sayamaike Pond" [Sold Out]
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Dr. SUENAGA Masao -Life of archeologist SUENAGA. And his hometown SAYAMA- The Event that Osakasayama City honorary citizen dies and memorializes the 25th anniversary"
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Feudal lord of the sayama domain in Edo period, Hojo clan -The Descendants of Sengoku daimyo Odawara Hojo clan-"
Publication in commemoration of National Historical Site designation; The Best selection three kinds of Sayamaike pond Pictorial maps
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Chogen and Todai-ji Temple -The people who participated in Todai-ji Temple rebuilding construction of the Kamakura period- (National Important cultural property designation memorial event of Chogen's Stone monument)
Revised edition Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Excavation result of Jinya which was ever located in Sayama area and The Kinai region"
Revised edition Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; The history of Nankai Electric Railway Koya Line which developed the Sayama area -Traffic history of the Osakasayama area-"
Revised edition Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Sayama area and the Hojo clan -The History of Hojo clan (Daimyo), Azuchi-momoyama Period to Meiji era-"
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; The Road for Buddhism faith by the Yuzu Nenbutsu in The Middle Ages -Nakakoyakaido and Sayama area-"
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Sado III (Japanese traditional tea ceremony), Tea utensilsfor for autumn -The Collection of ENAMI Shigeko-"
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; The pictorial maps of The downstream area that used water of the sayamaike pond in Edo period"
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Sado II (Japanese traditional tea ceremony), Tea utensilsfor for early summer -The Collection of ENAMI Shigeko-"
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; The History of Study on Japanese ancient tomb culture by Dr.SUENAGA -Event to memorialize birth 100 years of Dr.SUENAGA Masao-"
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Sado (Japanese traditional tea ceremony), Tea utensilsfor for summer -The Collection of ENAMI Shigeko-"
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Ancient Tomb culture of Sayama area and Sue Stoneware which was produced in the factory zone there"
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Sayamaike pond and Chogen (the monk of Japanese Middle Age) "
Pamphlets "Special Exhibition; Gyoki (the monk of Ancient Japan) and Sayamaike pond"
Photographic Inventory "Master SUENAGA Masao -Joho Mugen no Isshou (The great archeologist who continued amble endlessly, and gave a life to a study)-"

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