O.S.C.M introduces the history of live people in Sayama area.

  • Osakasayama City is located in the southeastern part of Osaka plains. The place name "SAYAMA" is written down in "Nihonshoki" and "Kojiki" which are an ancient Japanese national history book. Therefore, the Osakasayama City area understands that I have been already called "SAYAMA" in the eighth century. There is the Sayamaike pond constructed in the seventh century in the central part of Osakasayama City. This is the Japanese oldest dam. In Osakasayama City where there were water and rural area of land very a lot, the old history and culture have been inherited from the ancient times.
  • We display these precious cultural assets to you in Osakasayama City Museum and introduce it. And we convey the history and culture of this City to the future.
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